Our Story

Grapevine was founded in 1977, and has been a mainstay of the Lake Oswego community since 2000. Mary and Larry Olund, have built Grapevine into an amazing local business, and have always held the belief (and goal) that Grapevine is meant to help women look and feel their best.  You’ll find the hottest brands in the fashion industry at Grapevine, and we only stock a very small run of any one item, so you aren’t likely to come home and find your neighbor wearing your new favorite jeans. That is the art of style.


In 2017, Grapevine changed ownership to Rachel and Paul Phillips, who believe in the Olund’s philosophy and intend to uphold their legacy by continuing that high-level of quality, service, and uniqueness their customers have come to know, love, and enjoy. Rachel and Paul Phillips have been local business owners for many years. Rachel will be hands-on day to day with Grapevine.


“Mary and Larry have built an amazing business and we are honored to continue their legacy. We are looking forward to working in the community in which we live and are raising our boys. Mary will continue to be a big part of grapevine. We will be partnering on buying decisions and buying trips as well as serving our amazing customers. We are committed to continuing to be a fashionable & fun place to shop!” – Rachel Phillips


Additionally, Mary Olund will remain very involved with Grapevine as the torch passes, maintaining her close client relationships and ensuring a smooth transition. We are fortunate to inherit so many wonderful customers. They make it fun to come to work and have supported Grapevine throughout the years. We are so excited to be the ones to take Grapevine into the future. Our vision and ethics match the path we believe has made Grapevine the wonderful and successful store it is today.


“Customer service and providing a casual and comfortable shopping experience has always been our #1 priority and we are proud of our excellent sales team lead by our dear friend Cindy Piazza, whose 17 years with Grapevine has been incredible! Cindy, Amber, and Mary will remain connected with Grapevine into the future.” – Mary Olund.


Grapevine is a premier retailer that brings comfort and style together in one place.  We will to continue to make every effort to provide a fashionable and fun place to shop, therefore, you can expect our styles to change almost daily (as always).



310 N. State Street, Suite 112

Lake Oswego, Oregon

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